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Our process

Your financial foundation for lifelong success

At Roof, Eidam & Maycock, investing is a never an end in itself, but rather a means toward reaching your goals.

We believe that what matters in the end is not the securities you select or the strategies you pursue, but whether your financial portfolio enables you to live the life you’ve envisioned.

That’s why our approach goes beyond financial planning to offer you life planning.

Life planning begins and ends with you

We begin by identifying your broad life goals—or the key factors that make you happy. Then we work to develop a strategy that will help you pursue these interests.

  • Our process is comprehensive, seeking to balance your needs for risk management, income and investment returns, tax management, retirement planning and estate planning
  • We draw on deep experience—our three founding partners have an aggregate of more than 80 years in the financial services business—and knowledge to craft holistic solutions to your life planning needs
  • Our mission is to preserve and build our clients’ financial security and prosperity through an alliance of comprehensive financial planning and disciplined asset management
  • We aspire to unsurpassed levels of client service and the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity in our quest to fulfill this mission

Our process focuses on helping clients live better and more productive lives. That’s why we work with you to develop the financial strategies that will help you realize your aspirations through our unique “life planning” process.

Holistic solutions

No financial plan can be successful unless it considers your needs as a whole, integrating strategies and holdings into a comprehensive solution for your needs.

  • We develop plans that align all aspects of your financial strategy, insurance, budgeting and cash flow planning, investments, tax management, retirement planning and estate planning
  • Our goal is to make every element of your portfolio work together to achieve your goals

Continual engagement

Life planning is a process, not an event, so we review and revise each client’s financial plan at least annually, in light of their changing circumstances, objectives, and long-term goals.