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Understanding the 5 Core Elements of Integrated Life Planning

A successful financial plan must integrate financial decisions and strategies across all facets of your life. That’s why we create a customized plan for every client to address their unique goals. Each plan follows a disciplined methodology that identifies your financial objectives and implements strategies to fulfill these objectives in five key areas:

1. Risk management
Protecting your home, your health, your family and the assets you own is a critical part of life planning. We help you manage risk by determining the appropriate amount of insurance coverage in a variety of areas, including property and casualty, health, disability income, long-term care and life insurance. Our holistic approach also takes into account any employee and government insurance benefits you may be eligible for. We help you eliminate any risk management deficiencies by implementing appropriate and competitively-priced insurance policies.

2. Income and investment planning 
Our approach balances your need for immediate income with long-term goals for asset accumulation. We begin by analyzing your household budget and cash flows, tax situation and investment preferences before developing a plan. We subscribe to the philosophy of  "paying yourself first" by establishing a lucid capital accumulation and investment strategy for surplus cash flow to build up assets and achieve financial goals.

Our approach to investment planning is detailed in our asset management section. Please note that the disciplines of income and investment planning incorporate education planning (education funding analysis) and real estate planning (residential property, rental property and mortgage refinance analysis).

3. Tax planning
We work closely with your tax advisors to minimize tax liabilities at all stages of your life, through a variety of income, gift and estate tax planning strategies. We monitor each client’s evolving tax scenario, and adjust their portfolios accordingly to minimize the ongoing tax consequences of their investments wherever feasible.

By performing tax planning within the context of the disciplines of appropriate financial planning and asset management, we ensure that, while grappling with the intricacies of your tax strategies, we keep your broader planning goals in the foreground.

4. Retirement planning
Retirement planning is a crucial element of financial planning, consisting of planning both before and during your retirement, so that you can achieve and maintain financial independence in the manner that you wish. We work with existing retirement plans, and/or install new ones, in order to maximize all capital accumulation and distribution strategies.

Each client’s desires and requirements are unique, and perspectives are rapidly changing regarding the very idea of  "retirement." Clients today tend to view retirement differently than previous generations and many see it as a stepping stone to new career opportunities. Often, our clients choose to open a new business of their own or work part-time in a field they find interesting or challenging.

Whatever your desires, we can help you achieve financial independence so you can pursue your specific work and leisure goals with confidence.

5. Estate planning
In estate planning, we work with your estate attorney to ensure that they establish and maintain mechanisms to facilitate the efficient transfer of wealth. We work to minimize taxes and maximize benefits to each client’s intended recipients, including both individual and charitable beneficiaries, whether via lifetime or testamentary bequests.

We are well-versed in the complex techniques and instruments utilized in estate planning (including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and insurance vehicles), and are available to coordinate your estate administration. As such, we are involved in multi-generational life planning for many of our clients’ families.